The Benefits of Beer Youth on Health

The Benefits of Beer  Youth on Health

The Benefits of Beer Youth on Health

Beer is not something people usually associate with benefits, more particularly health benefits. However, you would be surprised to know the various advantages of drinking beer and no, it is not just losing weight, to your surprise there are many others.

It is interesting to learn that beer contains 0% fat and is supposed to reduce stress and helps in relaxation of mind and body. It also induces a better sleep. On medical grounds, beer leads to thinning the blood and reducing the risk of having a heart attack. It is a proven fact that people who have around 2 bottles of beer every day have a 20% lesser chance of getting a heart stroke than those who are teetotallers.

Beer also reduces the chances of having blood clots in the body as it increases the HDL content in the body that is more commonly known as beneficial cholesterol. It helps cleansing the bladder as it incites urination. Beer raises the level of anti-oxidants in the body that in turn enables more oxygen to flow within the blood. Oxygen helps in easier muscle movement hence more stamina and flexibility and makes an individual more active and physically fit.

Taking a bath with beer is as good as taking a bath with milk. Even though milk cleanses the whole body, beer is known to be the best thing for your hair. It is always advisable to wash your hair with beer at least twice a week. Beer is also an incomparable cooking tool and adds versatile flavours to the food. Considering the fact that beer has alcohol content which evaporates much faster than water, beer usually catches the essence of the food along with leaving behind a distinct flavour in the food. It can be used as marinades for beef, as a replacement to water for certain soups, and in gravies and other sea food to add to the taste and make the meals more sumptuous.

But beware, even though beer has its share of benefits, drinking beer in excessive amounts can lead grave health ailments such as cancer, liver problems and high blood pressure. Therefore, drink

beer and exercise control at the same time so that you can revel in the splendor of this alcoholic drink.

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