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Learn More About Home Exercise Equipment - Your Choices  Health and Fitness Blog - 2HealthAndWellness.com

December 28, 2008Learn More About Home Exercise Equipment - Your Choices

There is so much choice when you are looking at home exercise equipment, it can be difficult to choose.

Here is our checklist of what to consider before you purchase.

Individuals have different fitness targets and this will effect the type of exercise equipment that you need. The most common excuses for exercising are for weight loss, to build muscle or to lower your risk of certain health problems.

Many people will have more than one of these targets in mind but your home gym will be best equipped if you are clear about which of these targets is most important to you and concentrate on that. Your exercise regime will be more effective that way, too.

Fitting out a home gym can be costly and most people will often have to trade off quantity and quality in some way. By this I mean that you may have to choose between having a greater variety of gym equipment, or having top quality equipment. Making these choices will be simpler if you are very clear about your budget and how much you want to spend.

3. How much room do you have?

Before you purchase anything, you need to consider where to put it! Again, not an issue perhaps if you have a massive house with a big basement that you can equip to your hearts content, but most of us have some restrictions on how much room is available.

Gym equipment can be large and bulky and often it looks smaller in the store. So take a tape measure when you go to the store or check measurements at the online home gym retailers before you buy.

If you have some squared paper, you can mark out a plan of your home gym space and check exactly what will fit into it. Planning out your gym in this way can be a huge help when it comes to making buying choices.

4. What type of workout is best?

Your fitness targets will come into play again here and also how much time you have free. Some types of equipment will give quicker results than others, but they may not be the results that you seek.

You also need to think about what type of exercise you enjoy. You may have a friend who had excellent results from an exercise bicycle, for example, but if you hate using a static bike then it might not be the best item that you could purchase.

If you have been working out in a local gym you probably have a reasonable idea of the workout that suits you best and what equipment is needed for it. If not, you might consider taking out a trial membership before you go ahead and start to order your home gymnasium equipment.

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