My Top Three Smoothie/Juice Books

My Top Three Smoothie/Juice Books
My Top Three Smoothie/Juice Books

By now you''ll probably know how much I love and advocate eating raw, freshly made smoothies and juices for health, wellness, weight loss and super charging your body. You''ll find great recipes on the net, but sometimes it''s nice to dip into a really good book to get some recipe inspiration, and here are my top three smoothie/juice books.

Smoothies and juices are part of the foundation of great health. I love dipping into these books for inspiration, ideas and new recipes to try out.

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The Juice Bar is my number one go to smoothie and juice book. Not only is it packed full of gorgeous, easy to make smoothie and juice recipes, it is beautifully presented, it lifts my spirits just looking at the photography, and it’s a delight to sit and flick through for some ideas and inspiration.

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Squeezed is a full on thick little number with page after page after page of great juices and smoothies to suit all tastes.

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Super Juice is another go to book for me, it’s a regular flick through when I’m looking for a new smoothie or juice to try. Lovely recipes, easy ingredients, it’s a book shelf bonus.

If you have a favourite juice, smoothie or even plant based recipe book, share it with us in the comments section below!

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