Do you know there are vitamins from Whole Foods?

Do you know there are vitamins from Whole Foods?

There are a whole lot of misconceptions regarding whole food vitamins that are available in the market. It is commonly believed that all other food stuffs are synthetic while whole foods are made of certain vitamin supplements. Over the years, food companies have carried on using the myth to their advantage to sell their brands to consumers of natural foods who end up buying them.

Mixture of yeast and probiotics

Every vitamin as well as mineral supplement is made up of nutrients made from synthetic grade pharmaceuticals and they are like natural vitamins present in nature. For achieving the required potency for nutrients, you only need a food material with some synthetic food base.

Most of the food based supplements are also known as food grown and they are synthetically created nutrients cultured in a mixture of yeast and probiotics. And they are known as food grown as they had undergone yeast culture.

There are many ways that are used for selling them like organic vitamins with some great fruit and vegetable pictures printed along with the labels. But if you look a little closely, you will find the USP nutrients mentioned in very small fonts. It is not easy to spot them with the naked eye, but you have to take a closer look.

All natural vitamins are great and they come into production of those stuffs that are sold as containing whole food vitamins.

Studies about plant based vitamins and whole foods are yet to come up with a clear result. It is not yet known whether whole food nutrients are available in large quantities like those present in synthetically created ingredients.

Minerals and proteins like the nutrients in food supplements does not mean synthetic creations, but the primary source is derived from plant materials and that is exactly why many of them are known to contain plant based vitamins.

Plant based vitamins

By simply adding up rice hulls to USP B Grade vitamins, many whole food companies claim to make vitamins based on rice. Brown rice is known to contain the necessary B vitamins, but up to a point. They are not in adequate quantities required to label them as products made from all natural vitamins. It is still not known whether the synthetic nutrients have the same potency as nutrients from whole foods.

Plant material is used for synthesis with vitamin E leading to some foods being labeled as containing plant based vitamins. The entire range of weight loss formula products are in the whole food bases in large quantities.

Some of the formulas are also free from any non nutritive binders, lubricants, fillers, coating and other agents of disintegration that are found in tablets. Some of them are like whole food vitamins that we are used to.

Jeff Mason has been in the vitamin business for 40 years. ALL ONE powders, multiples and weight loss formulas, are in whole food bases. Being pure nutrient powders, the ALL ONE formulas are free of the non nutritive binders, fillers, lubricants, coating and disintegrating agents found in all tablet products They are also free of the preservatives that are found in ALL pre-made liquid formulas. For more information on whole food vitamins, see:

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