Compounded Drugs

Compounded Drugs

Having difficulty medicating your pet or can’t find a medication in a specific strength or form that you need? We can help. Our pharmacists can make most medications in a custom strength and form for you – this is called medication compounding. Make medicating your pet easy with flavored chewable medicated treats, easy to apply medicated gels or tasty liquids. With your veterinarian’s approval, we can make most any medication. Explore the tabs to learn more about each medication type and fill out the form and one of our friendly and knowledgeable pharmacy consultants will contact you with pricing and other important details. We can make over 20,000 different medications, one will be right for your pet!


Capsules can be custom–made to hold almost any amount of a medication. This allows for precise dosing of powders and the creation of custom-strength quantities of medication. They usually have a one–year shelf life as well. Capsules can be given to a pet wrapped in a favorite treat, peanut butter, cheese or for ease, a Pill Pocket®, a soft treat designed to hide a capsule. We have these in stock at all times!

We do not recommend that capsules be broken up into a pet''s food as many of the powders inside are quite bitter and the pet may not eat all of the medication. If your pet will not eat a capsule despite attempts to hide it in treats, you may consider an oral liquid form or a chewtab treat.

Oral liquid

Flavored liquids are among our favorite and preferred method of medication pets. Many pets will simply not eat a tablet or capsule, no matter how it is disguised. A flavored liquid can be placed onto a small food snack, squirted into the mouth or licked off a plate. We have numerous flavors that pets actually enjoy, including tuna, salmon, fish chowder, bacon, chicken, beef, apple, etc. The flavors have been specially developed for use in animals and do not contain any harmful additives or ingredients such as alcohol or propylene glycol. They have also been taste-tested extensively to ensure their palatability. Make medicating your pet as enjoyable as possible.


Similar to a flavored liquid, a chewtab contains the medication in a tasty formula, but one that is similar to a chewable treat. We combine the medication with our formula to create a chewy square that dogs and cats just adore. Medication-time becomes treat-time. We can also custom-make flavors, if needed.

Transdermal gel

A transdermal gel or ointment is applied to the skin of an animal; usually to the hairless part of the ear, and is absorbed through the skin to create the same medicinal effect as oral medication. We offer transdermal forms of many pet medications; it is a wonderful alternative in situations where pets are unable to take medicine through any oral means. It gives animals once unable to be medicated properly, a chance to take their medication as required without destroying the owner/pet "bond" thus allowing them to recover or maintain good health.