Mazda6 Navigation Review

Mazda6 Navigation Review
Mazda6 Navigation Review

If you own a Mazda6, you will be the envy of the neighborhood, especially if you are the proud owner of the high end Mazda Grand Touring. This trim of Mazda6 comes with a remote starter, and automatic headlamps and windscreen wipers. The leather upholstery adds to the grandness and luxury of the car.

The Mazda6 really looks sleek and stylish, while still managing to look sporty. It is a mid sized car that can easily accommodate 6 passengers comfortably. The car comes with a navigation system that is quite good. In fact, here is a short review of the Mazda6 navigation system. It will allow you to understand the system a little bit better.

The navigation system is located at the center of the dashboard. It has a seven-inch touch screen and this is where you have the audio control and also the navigation system that runs on a DVD. The screen is large enough for things to be visible, and it also quite big. However, some users have complained that the graphics on the screen are not very clear. Also, the way the screen is positioned, it means that the display is actually away from the person driving the car. This can be a little annoying when the glare of the sun is directly on the screen. No doubt the screen can be adjusted, but the adjustment can be done just upwards.

The Mazda6 navigation system also works with voice commands. However, the system needs specific voice command in order to function promptly. Hence, most people prefer to use the touch screen to quite get the information that they want. The touch screen can be used to control all audio devices as well as music devices that have Bluetooth connectivity.

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